Remember, O traveler


Listen to us, O muddy traveler,

For we are the body of learned bachelors,

Be careful where you step,

For you are walking through landscapes of time.


Centuries we fought,

Countless days we took on.

The weather and the smog,

endless fires and storms.


We are strong, O traveler

And persistent with our rage,

You will perish one day,

And sadly, you will age.


So listen to us and heed our prayers,

For time does, no one favors.

Our eyes have seen both flames and wine,

Because we have stood the test of time.


We were there when Kings were born,

And we were there when their flags were torn.

We have heard the cries of many prince newborn,

And we have heard the wails for their mourn.


We have held constitutions in our laps,

While men ready the tanks on our backs.

We have seen laws come and go,

Like mistresses they were, like Kings’ burrow.


We know of the lust that reigns hearts of men,

And daggers of deceit that has throats slain.

And so we say, O traveler of new world,

Remember the teaching, remember every word.


This is a secret you shall not reveal,

For it is the basis of the life’s great wheel.

When a human hurts another,

When malice and fallacy try to be bolder,

The Universe who is the ever-grower,

Shall stretch its arms around and wider,

And retrieve suffering to the mischief maker.


But when a man’s heart is clear,

And if he becomes an honest lover,

He shall have the stars and the moon,

Watching over as cosmic loom,

Weave the hearts of foes and friends,

With the age-old mystery we call love.


Remember O traveler,

What we have to say,

For we are the tall Forts,

Where forgotten histories lay.